Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Goddess

Snow outside the kitchen window

                                                              View outside my window.

So I'm trying this blog thing again. I absolutely hate it for many reasons, I won't bore you will all my reasons but one in particular is that apparently I am blog illiterate. I have gone through three separate blog webpages and hated all of them because I can't seem to figure them out. Anyway...enough of my rant. Here are some photo's of the first full day in NYC. As you can see and heard we got A LOT of snow. I had wrote more about this day but there's no way I rewriting it for the third time! In short this is what is looked like.
Snow. snow. ventured out. wet snow. coffee. good. music. roommate Freddie. vino. photos. meat. cheese. All while listening to this live.

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