Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Target Has Lost It's Charm

So I'm getting settled into Williamsburg. I really, really like my neighborhood. It's close to all the trains and it's only 5 minute train ride to Manhattan. Yesterday I ventured to Target and going to Target no longer has the charm it normally does. It's a very complicated ordeal to go to Target here. For one, I have to take the train, so I have to make sure whatever I get I'm ok with carrying the bags to the train, then fit the bags on the train, then walk home. So of course I was forced to only get what I could carry...which just means I have to go back today and do it all over again. See what I'm saying....Target has lost it's charm. One good thing..I won't be having any Target blackouts and no more shuffling through the dollar stuff making excuses why I need a Hello Kitty pen and pencil set.

Here are a few photo's from my room. I found the leaves last week walking home..the color change here is amazing. Also the poem underneath is from Momma Coughlin. I hope to get back out this week and take more! Slainte
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