Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why a Meatpacking Plant Became My Lucky Star

Happy late Thanksgiving everyone! This is actually my second Thanksgiving in New York City, and I have to say, nothing beats Thanksgiving in New York if you can't be with your family. We all headed out to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn to have dinner at my friend David and Freddie's apartment. Even though the lovely and talented Freddie was gone. (We did miss you Freddie)
 I of course was in charge of the appetizers and roasted potatoes. I had the obvious 'Liz' cheese plate...Pancetta, sopressata, muenster cheese, brie, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, HUMMUS, marinated cherry tomatoes and jalapeno stuff olives. David cooked us a whole duck and kale and I added the roasted potatoes. Everything was absolutely amazing. 
As we started to eat, David had brought up something he was thankful for. David grabbed his shoes and said he was thankful for these guys, because if he wouldn't of forgotten his shoes for a gig he had in Sioux City Ia, then I would of never met him, which means we all wouldn't be sitting in this room with each other right now. So let me tell you fast why and how I met David. See I was bartending Friday night at Sweet Fanny's in Sioux City, Ia. David sat at my bar and I knew right away he, "wasn't from around these parts". When I asked him where he was from, he of course said Brooklyn. He continued by telling me that he was in town for some big wedding and they wanted a big New York City band and he was apart of it. He also said he had forgotten his shoes and was out getting shoes when he stumbled across Sweet Fanny's. Anyway..(see why I tell the story in photo's? I'm horrible at this) So long story short, we exchanged numbers/emails and when I needed a place to stay, he offered his room. So your asking where does this meatpacking plant thing come into play? (Your probably not wondering, you've probably already forgotten that was the title of the blog, because I keep rattling on and even at this point I'm over this whole story) So the wedding was a daughter of the owner of BPI. BPI is a meat packing plant in my home town, and that is who hired the band that David played in, that made him come to Sioux City, which he then forgot his shoes, which made him have to come to downtown Sioux City and then sit at my bar and meet yours truly. Also why this is truly an amazing story in my life, is because of the amazing amount of luck I've had in this city. I have never felt so content in my life. I've only been here a month and It feels like at least a year with how much I've accomplished. 
It's so funny how you really can't control life and how really truly the little things will add up into something huge like it did for me. I also want to thank Johnna for being my partner in crime through all of this! I don't know what we would of done if we didn't have each other to go through all of this with. 

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