Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Just Couldn't Let It Go...

Ok, so here are the rest that didn't download. I couldn't deal with only half my shots being up. GOOD NIGHT!

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Why Do Blogs Hate Me So Much?

So here are some shots from Central Park. Johnna and I went up last Monday and it was a beautiful day out. I'm so glad we got up there before the weather turned, I'm not sure if I would of forgiven myself if I hadn't. Fall in Central Park is exactly what everyone talks about..breathtaking. Basically a photographers dream come true. Here are some of the shots from that day. We also walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, and I will be posting those shots possibly tomorrow night. I just gotta to get ready for bed or I'll be editing and messing around with my new Lightroom 3! I just got it in the mail today..I don't care how much it slows down my little ol' laptop, it's worth it! Slainte!

P.S. I'm just noticing..(which happens every time) that half the shots didn't upload. I'm seriously convinced that the blog world hates. I never can post without having to edit and repost five times! I refuse to be perfectionist tonight and I'm leaving it!

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