Thursday, January 31, 2013

One More Day!

So one more day and I'm out of my hood. I really forced myself to get out and shoot today and like always I always feel better after a day of walking and shooting. It's amazing how much it calms me and keeps the craziness in my head at bay. Trust me, there is A LOT of crazy. Anyway, I got a few good shots in of the waterfront. I'm really going to miss it. It's such a nice place to go and sit and look at the skyline, even if you don't have a camera. I remember when I first moved here it seemed so surreal to be able to walk down there and have that be apart of where I live. I hope I never get tired of looking at the Manhattan skyline. So here ya go..hope you enjoy! Slainte!

I like the mix of brown barbwire and shiny Manhattan in the background. 

I saw him coming last minute and thought I'd try to get his whole bike, but I actually liked the way this turned out instead.

It was so windy today that the seagulls were easy to get in the shots, they were just floating

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