Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Love Amazing Ideas!!!

So I order copies of my shots from Instagram from a company called Printsagram. It's great, it's super cheap and you get them in just a few days. I had gotten a good amount of them but didn't know what to do with them, until a friend recommended using them as business cards..Genius! So I ordered a stamp and spent way to much money on it to get it here in two days. But when it came I was so excited to stamp away! 
Until I realized the pictures were silk laminated and the ink from the stamp was smearing. I was so disappointed. I have my prints up at The Saint Austere this week and I wanted so badly to have those there for people to take home. So I decided I would just paper clip them along with my business cards I already have made. As I was strolling along in Staples to get paper clips,  I glanced over at the labels and bam! Problem solved! Here's the end product. 


  1. Nice work lady! And just in case you are interested, they do sell ink that you can stamp onto slick surfaces without smearing and it dries almost instantly. It's called Archival Brilliance.