Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I've Been GIF'd

So I accidentally stumbled upon my Google pictures and it GIF'd some of my pictures without me even knowing it. I'm so confused but yet satisfied that I was able to get this up on my blog!

Snowy Brooklyn photo IMG_1827-2-SNOW_zps8c9f0a0f.gif

Snow Day Part Deux

Got a little cabin fever and ran out quick with my Canon 40D. It was unbelievably cold out, it's 14' out but it feels like 0'. Snow is still coming down pretty good and the wind is not helping at all. It wasn't very long until my fingertips stung and I knew I had to get back inside! Having so much time on my hands tonight, I messed around a bit with Lightroom and did a little more editing than I normally do. I really like how some of these turned out. More of a peaceful winter wonderland look to them. Enjoy!

Check out more photos on my Instagram account! 

Snow Day In Brooklyn!

Completely snowed in today! These are taken with my IPhone. Hoping to try to get out again today with my Canon. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Setting The Mood With Black And White

All taken with my Iphone!

Outside of my apartment during the storm Hercules

Waiting for the C train in Brooklyn

An oldie from Bushwick, Brooklyn

Looking down onto Franklin Ave in Brooklyn

Rainy Manhattan night, 51st and 10th St